Delicious Food Items in Kodaikanal

There are a lot of Delicious lip-smacking dishes and varieties for eating out in Kodaikanal. Almost all the hotels/homestay in Kodaikanal is having their own restaurants, but it is opened for all the tourists in Kodaikanal. But other than these, there are also many restaurants that offer great tasty snacks as well as meals. Sometimes, eating on roadside food kiosks is also great delight and they also provide lots of variety of snacks rather say delightful snacks.

Different Varieties of Cuisines in Kodaikanal

In Kodaikanal, you can enjoy the different varieties of cuisines like Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and Western. Also Homemade Chocolates, Sandwiches, Brownies, cheeses and some hot 'chai' are the most famous dishes in kodaikanal. Among local, “Noodle Soups” and “Momos” are the most favourite one.

Noodle Soups:

Noodle Soup is the most famous food dish in kodaikanal, available in restaurants and also in roadside food stalls. Especially in Tibetan Brother’s Restaurant, Tibetan noodle soup is very famous.


Momo is usually served with a dipping sauce, normally made with tomato as the base ingredient. Momo also most famous food dishes in kodaikanal available in all restaurants also in roadside food stalls. In Tibetan Brother’s Restaurant vegetarian momos are too famous.

Homemade chocolates
  • Strawberry Cream Chocolates
  • Almonds Chocolates
  • Cashew Chocolates
  • Caramel Chocolates
  • Rum Filling Chocolates
  • Honey Filling Chocolates
  • Squash Chocolate
  • Fruity Chocolate
  • Truffle Cream Chocolate
  • Irish Cream Chocolate
  • White Chocolate Bar

Home Made Jams
  • Plain Jam
  • Gooseberry Jam
  • kodai pear's jam

Hills Honey
  • Honey with Amla
  • Honey with Ginger
  • Honey with Green Chilly
  • Hills Small Bee Honey

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