Shopping in Yercaud

About 28 km from the industrial city of Salem is the quiet hill station of Yercaud attracting a large number of tourists from the neighboring states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh especially during the weekends. Situated at a height of 4970 feet, Yercaud boasts of extensive plantations of coffee and citrus fruits.

Situated at an altitude of 1515 meters above the sea level, Yercaud is the place to head to escape the heat of the coastal plains. Hence it is not without reason that Yercaud attracts thousands of visitors. Tourists flock to the several attractions which are found in Yercaud which is also an exceptional destination for adventurous spirits. The area offers an array of trekking routes.

The foremost thing that makes a trip to a place exciting is shopping. As a matter of fact, no trip to place is complete without buying a souvenir for our near and dear ones. Yercaud is essentially a hill station. So there is not much scope for shopping in Yercaud as such. Hence, shopping in Yercaud should not detain you for a long time. There are no swanky shopping arcades and the small shops sell generally fresh natural products.

However, Yercaud has a few shops selling the best of local handicrafts, which can serve as amazing souvenirs for your friends, family and relatives. In fact, shopping in Yercaud is a fun. There are a number of shops in Yercaud who sell coffee powder, natural oils, perfumes, shawls and jewelry. Visitors who travel to Yercaud can eat mouth-watering sweets, homemade chocolates and cheese items at the confectionery bakeries and shops in Yercaud.

Yercaud is endowed with spectacular natural beauty. Set amidst natural surroundings, the hill station is also home to natural oils and herbs. The most popular items for shopping in Yercaud include coffee powder, natural oils and perfumes.

The Yercaud is famous for its food – an array of dishes, both South Indian and non vegetarian delicacies. The dining culture at the restaurants and hotels serve finest traditional and contemporary dishes. Thousands of tourists flock to Yercaud to relax and enjoy the South Indian cuisine.

If you are looking for some shopping on your way back from Yercaud, Salem, the fifth largest city in Tamil Nadu, is a famous industrial place. For those who like to unwind after a day long travel, there are quite a number of pubs, hotels and restaurants in Salem where you can purchase textiles, handloom fabrics, spices like pepper and cloves. The markets in Salem attract visitors and offer them the opportunity to enjoy shopping in a unique way. The Salem Co-operative Super Market Branch and the Main Bazaar are the important places where tourists an visit to shop.

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