Important Sightseeing Places in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Lake
Kodaikanal Lake is a man - made lake formed in Dindigul district, Tamilnadu. Cycling, boating, horse riding near the Kodaikanal Lake will bring lot of excitement and ecstasy to the tourists. Cycles and horses can be hired on hourly basis near Kodaikanal Lake.

Berijam Lake
Berijam Lake is situated at a distance of 21 kilometres from the kodaikanal bus stand. We have to get the permission from the forest department for entering into Berijam Lake. Usually they will be giving permission around 8 am on every day except on Tuesdays. Berijam Lake is a calm serene lake - mesmerizing nature at a distance of around 21 kms from Kodaikanal bus stand. Boating is prohibited in the lake as it is a source of water for nearby villages. Forest department permission will be required and limited number of vehicles is only allowed to enter forest area where the lake is situated. Timings for the Entry into the Berijam Lake area is between 9.30 am to 3 pm. Bison, panther, deer and snakes are often spotted in this location. Fire tower, Silent Valley, lake view and Medicine Forest are other attractions around the lake.

Pillar Rocks
The pillar rocks are a one of the famous place to hang out in kodaikanal. There are set of vertical standing rocks measuring a height of about 122 meters from the ground and the chamber that are connecting between the two pillars is called Devil's Kitchen (Guna cave). It has a mini garden with different kinds of flowers. Shadows of the pillar are shady woods that attracts and invite lot of tourists.

Kodaikanal Museum
It is a fine fauna and flora museum situated at Shenbaganur, 5.6 km away from Kodaikanal. This museum is run by sacred heart college. It is a must-visit place for people visiting kodaikanal. This museum has got a collection of several thousand specimens of moths, snakes, butterflies and mammals. There is also a herbarium having more than 2500 plants and a massive garden. Adding to it, it is the one of best orchidorium in the country, having more than 300 species of trees and flower gardens. The orchidorium is open for the visitors from 10 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 5 pm daily expect Sundays.

Dolphin's Nose
Dolphin's Nose is a flat rock projecting over a chasm breathtaking 6,600 feet deep. It is an undisturbed area of 1 kilometre down a very steep rocky trail beginning after Pambar Bridge. Orange juice vendors along the trail offer a welcome rest stop for the tourists. Beautiful views of steep rocky escarpments rising from the plains can be viewed.

Thalaiyar Falls
Thalaiyar falls also known as rat- tail falls located in the Palani hills. It is 975ft tall and it is the highest waterfall in Tamilnadu, The third highest in India and 267th Highest in the World.

La Saleth Church
La saleth church is situated at a distance of 2 kilometres from kodaikanal bus stand. An amazing festival takes places at the la saleth church every year on the 14th and 15th of August. This Celebration brings about the conclusion of a Nine-day festival. This celebration attracts worshipers from entire south India, Kodaikanal is a hill station known and memorable for its attractive and antique churches.

Pine Forest, Kodaikanal
The pine forest is one among the preserved treasures of kodaikanal which would mesmerize the tourists by its ambiance. It is a gift of Mother Nature for people who love nature photography. In 1906, Mr. Bryant started pine plantations to spend time and experience the most peaceful and memorable moments of life.

Green valley view
Green valley view (Formerly called as suicide point) has a tremendous panoramic view of the plains. Green valley view has a sheer drop of 1500 meters (4900 feet) overlooking the vaigai dam to the south. The stairway leading up to it is highly commercialized and lined with rows of shops to serve and tempt tourists.

Coaker's Walk
Coaker's walk, kodaikanal is situated at a distance of 600 mts from the bus stand. Coaker’s walk is opened to tourists everyday between 7 am to 6.30 pm .There is an observatory with a telescope halfway along the walk to enjoy scenery view.

Chettiar Park
ChettiarPark is a small garden park placed in the north eastern part of the Kodaikanal town located on the way to the Kurunji Andavar temple. It is very distinct park from other parks in Kodaikanal. It is known for his ambience. Tourist visiting chettiar park will have an opportunity to see hundreds of unique fascinating flowers. The bushes in the garden are beautifully designed. Kurinji Flowers can be seen in Chettiar Park once in every 12 years. The well grass meadow and cool trees of Chettiar Park makes the atmosphere fresh and calm making it, a pleasing tourist spot.

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