Yercaud hills

Yercaud hills

  • Yercaud hill is located in Salem District at Tamil Nadu.
  • It is also called as Ooty of Poor people.
  • The height of Yercaud hill is 5, 325 feet and area covered by 383 square kilometres.
  • The distance between Salem and Yercaud is 28 km.
  • The reason for the name “Yercaud” was derived from the lake found in this place. In Tamil, Yeri Means Lake and Kaadu means forest.

History of Yercaud

  • It was proven that history of Yercaud originated from ancient period by the Stone Age implement founded in ancient temple located at 5km from Yercaud.
  • In 1842, Sir Thomas Munroe governor of Madras Presidency have found this place.
  • During the period of 1820 and 1829, Salem district collector David Cockburn has developed this place. He was called “Father of Yercaud”.
  • To develop this place, David Cockburn has cultivated crops like Tea, Coffee, Pears and Apple.
  • Due to the cool climate, lot of Christian missionaries have started schools in Yercaud.

Yercaud Climate

  • Average Temperature in winter: 12'c to 24'c
  • Average Temperature in summer: 16'c to 30'c
  • Rainfall: 1500 – 2000mm

Yercaud Flora and Fauna

  • National Orchidarium and Botanical garden is located in Yercaud.
  • In Orchidarium, we can see 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs. Also we can find insectivores pitcher plant in Yercaud Botanical Garden.
  • Bison, Sambar deer, Spotted deer, ant-eater, jackals, hares, foxes, birds and lot of reptiles, we can find in Yercaud.
  • Agriculture is one of main source of income in Yercaud, other than Tourism. Coffee and Tea are the major crops grown here.

Yercaud Transport

  • Lot of buses reach Yercaud from Salem Bus Stand
  • Nearest Airport – Trichy Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station – Salem Junction

Yercaud Hill Station Photos

Yercaud Hill Station Tamil Nadu
Yercaud Lake

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